Sunday, September 7, 2014

Mayonnaise Penguin Hats

I have a question for you guys. WHERE IN THE WORLD HAS THE WEEK GONE?????!!!!!!! I mean, seriously, last week was like this for me:
Monday: *groan* It's Monday...
Sunday: It's Sunday! Poop! I have to write my blog post!
Anyway, I have come to you with a book that just was published in April (APRIL people! Of this year!), and now is on my Top 10 book list. This is the author's first SyFy/Romance book and dang, is he good at writing it. And that book's name is Protostar by Braxton Cosby. [Puts on fuzzy Penguin hat] Let's get blogging.

Failure is not an option. Prince William Derry volunteered to take on the mission of executing the Star Child, Sydney, to reclaim his family's honor. Sydney doesn't know who she is. As far as she knows, she's just a regular Earth girl leading a normal life of shopping and gossiping with her girl friends, until a visitor comes along. His name is William, a bot who was recently caught in the middle of a 'car crash', and ran to the nearest house, that just so happens to be Sydney's. But William starts to feel something he has never felt before. So why can't he finish the mission?

I found out about Protostar at Barnes and Noble, but not how I usually find books, by picking out random books off the shelves that sound interesting. I have this thing about meeting authors in person. If I find a person sitting at a table that has been set up by that same person in the middle of Barnes and Noble, I'm like, "IT'S AN AUTHOR!!!!!!!!!" And I run over there like a maniac and find out which book they wrote, and I won't even care if the book is for my age or not. That was the case for me finding Protostar. I got pumped up and everything, so I had high expectations for the book. Most of the time, books don't meet those expectations. Protostar, met most of those expectations.
***** Five Stars for Protostar (no pun intended). The book has pretty much everything. It's relateable, it's got action, it's got romance, it's got awesomesauce. The characters are well formed, and you get to know them well. When the characters were in danger, I found myself screaming "NO. NO. NO. ... C'MON MAN!" I recommend this book to 7th graders and up, because there is one gross lovey-dovey moment, but I don't want to spoil anything, so I'll just say that it has to do with John Mayor (a.k.a., John Mayonnaise, if you ask me). Overall this book is a page-turner that you will end up sneak reading if you can't read it, and if you can, you'll want to read it like there is no tomorrow. Trust me, I know.


  1. Checked it out on The Book Depository and it cost $21. Quite expensive for a paperback. I'll try to find other options because I love the storyline.

    1. Yes, it is rather expensive, (I got a discount so it wasn't that expensive) but it is worth it.