Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Omaha!!! Wait no.... Omega!! BINGO!!!

Welcome back to the Blog of Books! This week's review (if you read last week's you would know what book, you can check it out here) is on Dead City By James Ponti, A story of a girl who's just discovered who she is. And well, that says a little too much...a little too weird. Molly visits the morgue on a regular basis. She's a mastermind in fencing and just in general smartness, going to a school that's practically home for all these brain filled people; MIST school. (Yes, that's actually the name.) It's also home to the biggest ZOMBIE fighters in the history of history. Unfortunately, in New York City, zombies lurk on every underground corner. Molly gets caught up in this deadly mess [you know zombies are dead so it's a DEADLY mess. ; )], fending off zombies on undercover missions, fencing and karate maneuvers, and occasionally a flat iron. With brains and friends on her side, almost anything is possible. Almost...
As that concludes our summary for this week we reach our review. You guys know the drill. **** Four Stars for Molly and James Ponti I love the book. It's filled with action and kept me on the edge of my seat, and I nearly died when Molly went to the zombie party. I loved how [author name] developed Molly's social life, from The Seven Swans to the Omega Team. The Ending has a great cliff hanger, which in my book now means throwing the book down and saying "Arrrrrrrggghhhhhh!!!" Then, screaming downstairs, "Mom! I need the second book!" Now I'm criticizing myself for STILL not getting the second book. What wrong with this book? The only (and yes only) problem I had with it was this: "Stop investigating. Us adults will take it from here." Of course I'm not quoting from the book, but that's the gist. The adults take over and we don't get to read about what happens. Plus, you're taking the biggest zombie problem EVER away from the world's best zombie fighter in the 21st century. I guess I have to read the second book to find out. This book is really for anyone starting at the age of ten. I don't even like zombies and I liked this book. Also you cannot say people don't like this book, because Suzanne Collins recommended it (she's the author of the Hunger Games, a book I might review, but everyone else has already read it.). And well, if she said it was good, that makes the two of us. Next week's review will be reaching out to your inner hero/villain, so be sure to check that out! The B.O.B.er signing out!

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