Sunday, July 20, 2014

This is...WEIRD

Is anyone else feeling like they're super busy this month? Yeah I feel your pain. I had no idea what book to do this week. So I pulled out all the books on my bookshelf I haven't read yet and picked a random book from the stack. That book turned out to be Gordan Norman's The Hypnotists.

Jax is weird. And not just normal weird, but weird weird. Whenever people look into his eyes for a period of time they do whatever he says. Weird, I know. A letter from Dr.Elias Mako is sent to Jax to go to the The Sentia Institute apparently for a ' New Horizon' program. He accepts the offer, and starts to attend the school. He is greeted by Kira, who shows him around and claims that "Dr.Elias Mako has devoted his life to New York City education and is an inspiration to every single one of us". Jax is forced to do multiple standerized tests, and only then does he find out what is wrong with him. Jax Opus can hypnotize people.

I originally found out about this book watching a trailer for it. I was like, "That sounds cool...let's buy it!" (Anybody else realized I'm a sucker for fictional adventure books?) That was a pretty good idea, since The Hypnotists made it at… *** Three Stars. Now, if you remember, that was the same score Fablehaven by Brandon Mull (got, so three stars isn't that bad of a score. Getting three stars is like getting a C in class. There wasn't really any big problems that I had about this book, it was minor problems that annoyed me later. Some of the side characters were not fully developed. Kira and Tommy for example. Kira's jealous of Jax, but that all we know about her. Tommy 's is Jax's best friend, but what else? We don't know. The real action doesn't happen until the last few chapters, and we only have a few moments of action before that. Otherwise, Mr.Korman keeps those pages turning, and get a reaction from readers with his word choice on multiple occasions.

: ) See you next week!


  1. Maybe I should try choosing a book this way and yes it seems like the summer only gets busier. I like weird so I may check this one out. Thanks for featuring.

    1. You're Welcome! I like weird too, so we're in the same boat. (Along with all of my friends) : )