Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Sushi Post

I'm trying something new this week, but it's still going to be epic.
It's like the fist time I tried sushi...

Anyway, I'll be reviewing a movie this time, which is why you didn't see me on the MMGM Post on Shannon's blog. You know, movies aren't books.
But this movie used to be a comic book, as I just figured out, and it just was released last week, so you'll hear people either raving or ranting about it.
I'll be raving, just to let you know.

BIG HERO SIX is now my favorite movie (along with School of Rock and Guardians of the Galaxy, but that's another story). It's about this kid, Hiro that's a 14 year old who's graduated from high school (*cough* sounds like Keeper of the Lost Cities *cough*). His brother, Tadashi, shows him Baymax, at his 'nerd school', the ultimate personal care taker. Hiro is convinced that he has to go to Tadashi's colledge. He has to create an amazing invention to make it into the school, and comes up with MicroBots, a creation that can turn into anything you think of. What Hiro didn't know was that his invention would cause major destruction.

***** Five Stars
So here's the basics:
The Hero: Hiro, and the group Big Hero Six
The Evil Guy: The Masked Man
Similar Movies: If you liked Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers, Tangled, or Frozen, you would love this movie.
Why It was Awesome: Bug Hero Six is basically the first super hero movie Disney's made, so of course I freaked when I saw the preview. It made me laugh, cry, and wish it was in book form so I could chuck it at a wall. It left you literally on the edge of your seat, and then next thing you know, you'll end up laughing so hard the person behind you will end up shushing you--and pushing the seat back up because you're scrunched up on the seat, basically leaving them no room what-so-ever.
what I didn't like: THE FEELS!!! Gosh, the feels... This was the first movie I had cried at--EVER. And when I cry things get ugly. So I was kind of embarrassed by my quiet snorts. Yeah...

Anyway, that's all I have for this week, I hope you have a yummy week filled with sushi (you know, if you actually like sushi...)!

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