Friday, November 6, 2015

My Bookshelf: An Analysis

So guys, it's been a while, and I've decided that I would do some book stuff.
(Guys you should be very excited. I'm actually posting. Have a party or something fun like that.)

So I took a picture of my bookshelf, and I didn't do anything with it before. I haven't organized this bookshelf in FOREVER.
So here we go.

Bookshelf 1:
The bookshelf with all of the "informational"* books in it. And a doodle book that's the size of my head.
(*It gets air quotes because Percy Jackson's Gods is on that shelf.)

Bookshelf 2:
This is where all the books I've read go. Notice how it's somewhat neat. And behind The School For Good And Evil (yes, my SGE friends, it gets an honorary place on my bookshelf) and Heroes Of Olympus, the books are actually alphabet organized. Most of these books collect dust.
Hey, some books have to do it. It's the equivalent of flipping burgers at McDonald's.

Bookshelf 3:
These are the books I haven't read, or I'm finishing reading them. Notice how NONE of these are alphabetized. Or organized. They just get shoved back on the shelf and are finished WAAAAAAAAAYYY later. And there's a fun little packet thingy on that bookshelf that I'm going to mention later.

Bookshelf 4:
These are all my kid books. A Princess Primer is still on there. And it is STILL the best book on the planet. (If you are a parent reading this right now, and you have a daughter, BUY HER THIS BOOK.)
And yes, I did put a heart around Percy Jackson's Gods. Anti-PJO people, deal with it.

Bookshelf 5:
The place where I put random stuff.
My bookshelf magically accumulates things. I'm not kidding.

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  1. Cooooool!!! Your's is so much more organised than mine. Mine is just everwhere. :P