Sunday, July 13, 2014

Part 3 of the Heroes and Villains Blogging Chronicles: Glittery Swords, Evil Butterflies, and a Pretty Pretty Prince

So you're probably wondering what bizarre book I have brought to you today. I mean, swords can be glittery, and I have met some pretty evil butterflies (one tried to lick me :0), but why would an old time Prince trying to get a date to a ball want to be a guy's version of a Pretty Pretty Princess? (And yes, I am referring to the old board game that no one plays anymore.) Well the answer to your question: The School For Good and Evil is back! If you missed Sophie and Agatha on their first escapade, then you can check them out at Part 1 and part 2 of The Heroes and Villains Blogging Chronicles.

After returning to Gavaldon, Sophie has a big story to tell. But her version of the story is NOT what happened. She's a heroine to the whole town. In the midst of all her fame, Sophie makes a wish. Which was the worst thing she could have chosen to do. Thousands of arrows come soaring down from the woods, destroying everything. One of the arrows brings a message: BRING US SOPHIE. Sophie and Agatha have to move to the church, the only safe haven in town. But when the town has had enough of the assault, they force Sophie into the forest, giving her to the attackers. And Agatha goes after her.

All Agatha wants is to go home with Sophie. Then again, she really doesn't. She wished for Tedros, not Sophie, and in her heart she knows that. Then why is she at the School For Girl and Tedros' whereabouts are unknown? Agatha has to stop The School For Girl and the School For Boy from engaging in war (which the new Dean seems oblivious to), and find out where her loyalties lie, Sophie or Tedros?

After book 1, I really HAD to read this book. The day after I finished THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL, I already had A WORLD WITHOUT PRINCES on my bookshelf, fresh from Barnes and Noble. And two days later I closed the book officially (sad's going to take a while for book 3 to come out). And now I have come to you with a review.
**** (Four Stars) So why was the second book down graded? This book is almost as great as the last. I still love Agatha, but now she's in love big time, not making her the hilarious and boyfriendless (and she wasn't looking for a guy) girl we knew her as. It took a lot longer to get the action up and running than in Book 1, and I definitely had a problem with that. Soman Chainani had a couple of mysteries that were figured out at the end of the book, and I figured them out WAY before they were revealed. (I'm talking about very beginning of the book) The rest of the book was extremely boss, and I have no problems with that. I can't wait for book 3, and the SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL movie.

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  1. Sequels for me rarely live up to the original but it sounds like this one comes close. Book#3 should be interesting to find out what direction it takes compared to the first two. We'll just have to wait and read the hundreds of other great books out there.

    1. Yeah I agree. I despise Sequelitis (I hope I spelled that correctly, auto correct isn't helping.), but A WORLD WITHOUT PRINCES didn't have it. : )
      I've been reading Soman Chainani's blog, and He said that book 3 was going to be more mischievous. I'm exited about that. But it's going to take forever for Book 3 to come out. It may be only a year, which was the same time length between the first two books, but it'll feel like forever for me. (I am about to burst with Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan and Everblaze by Shannon Messenger months from coming out.)

  2. I read the first book (The School for Good and Evil) and liked it, so I had really high expectations for the second, which I liked but not as much as the first. Hopefully, the 3rd book is even better! Thanks for the great review!

    1. : ) Thanks.
      I also was expecting a bit more from it, but I still liked it. I'm hoping for a lot since the third book is the last.
      (Once again reading Soman's blog, on the post 'Taking Over The World, Book Three News, and Peeing In Canada', very interesting and funny post by the way, and He casually mentioned Book Three is going to be the last book. And I'm like, "Wait, wait. WAIT. Last book?! Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I've had these stupid aha moments on occasion.)