Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Fangirling Handbook

Guess what?????
I skipped blogging last week. (I'M SORRY!!!!)
And I'm running out of books.
Yeah, you heard me.
But there is a quick read that just came out that I read....
School For Good And Evil: The Ever Never Handbook

By Soman Chainani

As a preface, I love Soman Chainani's books. I would read anything he wrote. I love Soman Chainani too. (Especially since he's going on tour and coming to where I live for the FIRST TIME:)
So now that I've said that I love an author, I think you guys know what I'm about to do...........

Two Stars
And mine you, this rating is probably so low because of all the expectations I had for the book. It was still an enjoyable read.
The Three Days Of Fandom With The Ever Never Handbook (throwback to Attack of the Fangirl):
(On the first day of fandom I said to myself...)

When I hear it's coming out:

When I get the book:

When I actually start reading it:

It wasn't as good as I had hoped.
I'm a very visual person, so I thought this was going to be a fun fun fun book because there are a lot of pictures.
Yeah, all the pictures were pretty...
But the content wasn't as good as the pictures.
It was....
Yes, boxes hold stuff and...the book was dry.
Never have I known Soman Chainani's books to be boring. I mean, when you can start a whole entire non-canon fanfic off the concept of the books, it's probably not dry. (Shout out to my SGE RP buddies XD)
But this book was really hard to read, even though it was a quick read. There wasn't any juicy content, the whole book was basically a long laundry list of what it's like to be at the School For Good And Evil post SGE Trilogy.
Which, could have been fun, but when I say laundry list, I mean your boring Great Aunt's laundry list that says, "Fold underwear and use Downy softener beads instead of the normal liquid softener." (which work great, actually).
This was the whole entire book.
And we were promised details about Tedros and Agatha's future (there would have been a spoiler there, but I decided to spare you. You're welcome.), but all we got was a one page invitation to something that I will not reveal and it doesn't even have any information about it.

And the only reason it didn't get one star was because of the pretty pictures, which wasn't even done by Soman, it was Michael Blank. Thank goodness for Mr. Blank, because I do not want this book to join The Friendship Doll on the one star book list...
Honestly, this book would be better off as a picture book...
(That was unusually harsh.)
*hides behind tree*

That's all for this week.
Hey guys, guess what??????
Check out that post here.
I'm going to try to keep up with that, and I think I'm going to post on that blog around the same time I post on this one, which is Sundays/Mondays.
Sorry, I had to do that.
Have a great week!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Frankenstein's Monster, my tender, oozing blossom, you're looking fabulous today.

I have four words for you:
Mary Shelley is evil.

She's so evil that she got her own blog post!!!
*internal crying*
You don't understand until you've read this book.

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
Four Stars
If you haven't read this book. you're either straight-up crazy or you're under thirteen. Because, disclosure, this book is a little descriptive (but in all the good ways). But Frankenstein is obviously a classic. I don't know a person who hasn't heard of it.
Yet, most people who have heard of Frankenstein actually haven't read it. Which is weird because it's a really good book. Most people have read the movie, but the movie is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. The story line isn't even the same. The movie for Frankenstein is like the movie for Percy Jackson. That's how off it is.
I read this while my sister was reading it for school and while also on a road trip, so my mom, sis, and I went through the story together. I encourage this, or else you will be suffering by yourself and then you'll have to explain the whole book to your friend just to complain about it.
It's happened to me before. It's not fun. You look like this to the rest of the world:

But all the feels are packed into this book. I know I say that a lot lately, but this book was really emotional. Mary Shelley does a really good job of expressing Victor Frankenstein's feelings, even though it is sort of through another person's POV.
(Emotion was especially expressed when Victor Frankenstein was terrified because Frankenstein's Monster was pulling a Roz throughout the whole entire book:)

But who was telling the story was kind of confusing though. The book isn't told through Victor Frankenstein's POV but rather the person who found Frankenstein while exploring. After finding Victor, the person who found him listens to Frankenstein's story, which takes up most of the story. And then, within Victor Frankenstein telling a story, Frankenstein's monster tells a story as well.
The only other confusing thing that brought this book down to four stars was that there were a lot of flashbacks. So many that you kind of get confused as to where you are in the story and what is going on.
Also, a lot of people die. I had a list of favorite characters, and all of them die. You get attached to this one character, and then BOOM. Gone. Before you know it, you're left crying in your room about that one character that actually cared about.
Then you start predicting deaths like you're freaking psychic or something AND THEN IT ACTUALLY HAPPENS.
And then, out of the blue, your least favorite character becomes your favorite character because THERE IS SIMPLY NO ONE LEFT.
That's right people. Frankenstein's monster became my favorite character. 
I know, Mike. I know.

But Mary Shelley's word choice and descriptiveness makes up for it, for the most part.
You think the movies based off the book well represent how Frankenstein's monster looked? You're wrong. Mary Shelley describes Frankenstein in such a horrific way that any picture or movie can't do it justice. And there were also times when things got so gross and scary that I had to stop reading and clear my mind. That's one of the reasons I really liked this book. You can imagine everything perfectly, and you can feel the emotion of almost all of the characters.
It's awful and awesome all at the same time. You're just reading it innocently... 

And then the feels hit you... And you're suffering but loving it all at the same time...
That's the whole book. So if you decide to read it, good luck. And if you're not, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?
Anyway that's all for this week. 
I'm sorry if I don't respond to comments right away or if I accidentally skip a week. I've been super busy lately. School has fully started up again, and homework has too.
But I'm also writing a short film right now!!!! I can tell you guys a bit about it later when it gets off the ground maybe, but I will most definitely let you guys know when it's released onto the Internet.
Have a great week and Labor Day!!!
( I get to sleep in tomorrow!!!!! Now if you'd excuse me, I'd like to go catch up on some Z's I lost last month.)