Sunday, October 12, 2014

Attack of the Fangirl

Some of you may know that Rick Riordan has been touring the country...
I WAS THERE!!!!!!!!!
(Let me fangirl for a sec...............
Ok I'm good)

The three days of fandom with Blood of Olympus:

(On the first day of fandom I said to myself)

Before I get My Hands on Blood of Olympus:

Then when I actually GET the Blood of Olympus at 9:00, I'm as ADHD as Leo, bouncing around in the car like,

Anyway, in *partial* seriousness, when I got to go see Rick it was like he had just bottled the gas form of awesomesauce and then, BOOM! that bottle exploded and awesomesauce gas went everywhere. That is a good thing people, a very good thing.
According to my ride, that wasn't a good thing. "I don't get it. A bunch of girls are screaming for a middle aged dork." I was very offended.

To start off, people sponsoring the event went up and did the thank you speech and everything. Then a person walks in and calls up cupcakes. If you guessed Coach Hedge, cupcake for you cupcake! He tells us the rules, no screaming (I kinda broke that rule a million gazzilion times...), biting etc. etc.
Then things got interesting. Rick walked in and we all screamed. I really hope this guy had earplugs. Rick told us his journey of childhood and how he became an author, both of which had awful hair and hilarious imitations. He told the stories of his kids and my favorite, How Haley Thought Fire Was Fun:

So basically Haley stuffs things in a home heater vent and the vent blows up in flames. All the while, Haley is sitting there like:

Next he introduced us to the history of the covers for The Lightning Thief. The very very first draft was awful I must say. It was a very cheesy lightning bolt and a four year old Percy walking away from it.
A video game designer takes the spotlight for a moment and comes up with this:

Then John Rocco walks in and he's like, "Step aside. Boss person coming through." So he draws a 'sketch' of the cover ON A NAPKIN, and gives Rick the napkin and says, "There's your cover." This is what it looked like:
I wish I could give Rick a drawing of Percy on a napkin. Oh, how I envy you John. Seriously.

After, Rick re-introduced us to the new books and characters. "And then there's everyone's favorite, Octavian!" He says all cheery. We all stare at him in silence like, "Rick you've got to be kidding me."
"Just kidding..." The slide changes. "LEO!!!!!!!" All of the girls scream, including me. I start a chant screaming Leo's name, and a lot of people join.
Rick gets us to settle down, and we are introduced to Magnus Chase, the main character of the new series, Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard.
So excited for that. Can it just come out now? Please please please, with Thor on top? :)
Before I know it, Rick is thanking us for coming and walking off the stage. Whoa...over way too fast.
Can we rewind and do that all over again?
Guys, I don't think Kronos likes me.

So, I'm in the middle of Blood of Olympus and so far let me just say that it will not disappoint. As soon as I finish fangirling over it, I'll post a review. I'll try not to be biased, but that might be very hard.

Hope you have a great week. Percy Jackson Fans, maybe your satyr will come this week. :)


  1. Oh cool - a new series featuring Norse Mythology - I was wondering when he'd get around to that! And with Thor on the screen, we understand Asgard a bit more than before... can't wait to read, but a whole year!!!

    1. I am going to die until Magnus Chase comes out!!!
      So excited!

  2. It's so awesome you got to meet Rick. And glad the last book is so good. I still have to read the one before that.

    1. Oh, I love House of Hades! Great book! Except for the fact that Rick puts someone in the depths of something.

  3. Did you nominate for the Cybils Awards? You can, now that you have a blog! We'd love to see more nominations in all of the categories, especially MIDDLE GRADE!

    1. Yes, I did actually! That's ally coincidental that you ask.
      I nominated Protostar by Braxton Cosby. I forgot what the division name was, but it was the one for SyFy. (I know I spelled that wrong...Spell Check! Where are you when I need you?!)