Sunday, August 28, 2016

Hello, My Name Is Inigo Montoya. We have 4,000 Pageviews. Prepare to Celebrate.

I was looking at my Blogger page today and I realized:
Honestly, I don't know how I missed this looking at my Blogger page before, but I'm happy.
THIS BLOG IS TWO YEARS OLD PEOPLE!!! The first post (reviewing Fablehaven) was from May of 2014!!!!
The B.O.B. is two years old omg!!
But a big thanks to everyone who still reads these posts...You're the reason I came back to The B.O.B.!

I digress. I do actually have a book review for you guys today.

As you wish.

The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton
(The reason I keep on doing Goodreads Summaries is either that I don't have time or I can't do the book justice by writing a summary. This time it's both.)
Five Stars
I had absolutely no complaints about this book except for two things:
  • We had to annotate it for school. (Which isn't S.E. Hinton's fault...) BUT IT WAS A LOT OF ANNOTATING. I ANNOTATED THE POOP OUT OF THIS BOOK. This was all the stuff we had to annotate for:
And I know you probably can't read my handwriting (it's much better now, but I was writing that in a hurry), but it was a lot of things to annotate for. Especially for middle school.

So many deaths...
Me when my favorite character died:

My friends trying to comfort me:
Shush and let me be sad, Grandpa.

This book made me want to be in the 50's, but at the same time not want to be. 
I was very, very torn.
Bad Parts of the 50's and the bad parts of life in this book:
  • Segregation.
  • So many deaths in this city...
  • The Greasers and Socs (pronounced soh-sh, not sock.) are completely separated.
  • Greasers are more like gangsters instead of this cute guy from Miss Atomic Bomb by The Killers:
Good Parts:
  • Some darn good movies were made in the 50's (Singing In The Rain, Lady and the Tramp, Sleeping Beauty, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, How To Marry A Millionaire, Cinderella, the list goes on.)
  • Fashion in the 50's was probably my favorite. (I might do a blog post on how to be a Soc and greaser for Halloween, since it is just around the corner.)
  • Petticoats are SOOOO COOL. (Again with the fashion.)
But this book kind of brought everything to life, especially since most of the characters were based off real people. (I read that in the introduction, the one part of the book I did not have to annotate.) That's probably my favorite aspect of the book. 
I mean, it got so real and so relatable that our school started using The Outsiders vocab.
Beating someone up was no longer "getting in a fight" it was "getting jumped".
We started labeling the cliques in school as Socs or Greasers.
It got so real that year.

But probably the most fun thing about reading this book was that after we read the book at school, WE GOT TO DRESS UP AS SOCS OR GREASERS.
I was a Soc. Obviously. Petticoats, y'all. (I do recommend Amazon for petticoats and dresses.)
This was a super fun read in the end, and any kid in middle school should read this book, honestly.
They most definitely won't be emotionally damaged by the end of this book. 
Yeah, I was being sarcastic. This book is very depressing.
I lie when I say that some books are great and happy. They aren't.

But overall, still a great book. Read it. Now.

Thanks again for sticking with me for these two years, and have a great week!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Cameron Frye, This Post's For You.

I got legit no sleep this week. Ugh.
This is going to be a short post this week, since today I'm changing my bedtime to 9:00 instead of 12:00.
Anyway, let's get to it.

Variant by Robison Wells
Four Stars
This was actually a book my school assigned for us to read. When I first heard that they were making us read ANOTHER book that year, I wasn't exactly excited. (Throw back to my two flop posts...They were both school books.) And then I read it.....
This was probably my favorite book my Language Arts teachers made me read. The Outsiders came in second and Lupita Manana in third.This book was action packed and perfectly captured what school is like.
By the way, Maxfield Academy is a prison.
(I hope there aren't any teachers reading this.....)
You know you're counting down the days until Winter Break.
Anyway, I had no idea where this book was going to go... I liked that for the most part.
It kept me on my toes, especially since WE COULD ONLY READ A COUPLE CHAPTERS AT A TIME.
My seventh grade Language Arts teacher, you killed EVERYONE in that class with suspense. EVERYONE.
As much as I did like this book though, there was a downside as to where the book was going to go. There was this one part of the book where I was kind of confused, and it sounded like Robison Wells had pulled a scenario out of a hat and decided to run with it. That sounds fun, actually. 
I did like almost all of the characters....except for Benson....Who is the main character. He just always talked about escaping Maxfield. EVEN WHEN HE WAS KISSING SOMEONE.
This was the way I felt throughout the book about Benson:
Although Benson was not my favorite, Becky, Lily, and Curtis were.
Curtis was the best.
That's because he is, Grace. He definitely is.
And character development was great in this book. You would be like, this person kind of sucks. And then you were like, I actually like this person.
So overall, a pretty good read.
(Also, I met Robison Wells and he most definitely is a RIGHTEOUS DUDE.) 
Anyway, that's all I've got for you this week.
Excuse me while I dance away so I can go sleep...
Have great week guys!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Penguin Hats Are Back!!! (Mayo Penguin Hats Part 2)

This week was particularly slow for me because IT WAS THE FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL.


I feel like this blog is going to eventually turn into me ranting about the fact that summer is too short.
It will gradually happen, until all the book reviews just disappear.

It's the apocalypse for teen bloggers. We'll just be trolling around on the Internet groaning about how summer break isn't long enough.

I'm sorry. I'm getting REALLY off topic. (It's already happening, people!)
Anyway, way back when in 2014, I did a review on Protostar by Braxton A. Cosby. Supernova, the sequel, came out last year, and I have been meaning to do a review on it since I read it this past spring.
So it is time to put your penguin hats down and get ready for:

William from a summer ago would have frowned upon his current self. William had stayed loyal to Sydney, even now, when their relationship could be make or break. As Sydney approaches the next stage of the Star-Child evolution, she must sort through grief, a broken romance, and odd outbursts that she can't explain. With danger on its way to Earth, can she keep William and herself intact while the rest of the world starts to descend into chaos?

Three Stars
This book just straight up confused me. In good ways and bad ways.
Good Ways:
  • I could not decide whether or not I hated or liked certain characters.
  • Some characters I really hated at the beginning became my favorite characters by the end of the book.
  • This one character changed in less than five minutes (book time) and became really flirty and founded my main OTP.
Bad Ways:
  • I could not decide whether or not I hated or liked characters.
  • This one character changed in less than five minutes (book time).
  • Frequent POV changes. And sometimes to people we don't even know exist.
  • BRAXTON A. COSBY BASICALLY MADE SYDNEY SOUND LIKE SHE WAS GOING THROUGH PUBERTY AGAIN ALL OF THE BOOK. Her mood swings aren't even accurate. I know they're supposed to be out of the blue because of her evolving, but dude, nobody has mood swings like that even if they are evolving super-alien-people...
  • The attempt for character development in a couple of characters crashed and burned.
  • Sydney was EXTREMELY stupid in this book, but not in Protostar.
  • High School is not like the way it was in this book at all.
  • Running into ex-boyfriends whose relationship with you ended badly is not like the way it was in this book.
  • For some reason I do not know, I COULD put this book down. That's not good. At all.
Obviously, there are three times more bad things than good things on that list, so that excluded this book from getting on the Five Star Book List. (Which is a thing that I just posted. You will be able to find it in between the Blog Archive and Popular Posts on the right of the page.) Even though this book did confuse me at points, I am still looking forward to Solstice (the third book) this year.

So, just in case you were wondering, this is the Penguin Hat I have been wearing while blogging:

It's super fuzzy.
Anyway, in the spirit of penguins, here is a penguin for each day of the week. Just in case it's a particularly long week for you. (Chibird's stuff is super cute)


Have a great week!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Summer Break and I Are Going on Break.

Well, hasn't the summer gone by fast?
By the time most of you are reading this, I'll be in a classroom starting another year of school.

I really need to stop thinking about that.
Anyway, this week was a lot of fun for me. I went to a concert where my favorite band of all time was playing, and my friend and I were screaming the whole time.

How was your week?

So, since that's the only thing I really have to talk about, I'll get right into the review:
The Girl At Midnight by Melissa Grey
I thought the Goodreads Summary was really good and I'm short on time during the back to school prep, so that is the link to the summary.
Four Stars
This was a really really nice refresher from the normal YA books. If you walk through the YA and kids section of Barnes and Nobles, you can sum up almost all action-adventure/fantasy novel with this one sentence:
A normal kid finds out he/she had extraordinary powers and has to go on a large adventure.
(This sentence fits this book in some ways, which if you read the book you will find out why. No spoilers here.)
But with The Girl At Midnight, the main character is a normal, human, seventeen year-old girl. Her friends are a different species, but they are considered normal for their species (except the fact that one of them is good in battle, one is a healer, and the other is an exceptional flirt.)
Jasper, I'm looking at you.
 And yes, they are searching for something, but it's not this HUGE adventure everyone knows about. They try to keep it on the DL.
The action is kickbutt, as is the romance, and the societies of the different species are in so much detail I feel like they actually exist. I haven't seen that sort of thing in an action/fantasy book ever.
And may I just say:

The only reason I didn't give this book five stars is because the beginning did start out a little slow and there were parts of the book that were as slow as the beginning.
But still, overall, a great read!

I'm sorry this was such a short review.
I will try to do MMGM throughout the school year, but if I don't , just assume I have a lot of homework.
Also, I am going to do a review sometime in early September, so stay tuned for that!
Have great week!