Friday, November 6, 2015

My Bookshelf: An Analysis

So guys, it's been a while, and I've decided that I would do some book stuff.
(Guys you should be very excited. I'm actually posting. Have a party or something fun like that.)

So I took a picture of my bookshelf, and I didn't do anything with it before. I haven't organized this bookshelf in FOREVER.
So here we go.

Bookshelf 1:
The bookshelf with all of the "informational"* books in it. And a doodle book that's the size of my head.
(*It gets air quotes because Percy Jackson's Gods is on that shelf.)

Bookshelf 2:
This is where all the books I've read go. Notice how it's somewhat neat. And behind The School For Good And Evil (yes, my SGE friends, it gets an honorary place on my bookshelf) and Heroes Of Olympus, the books are actually alphabet organized. Most of these books collect dust.
Hey, some books have to do it. It's the equivalent of flipping burgers at McDonald's.

Bookshelf 3:
These are the books I haven't read, or I'm finishing reading them. Notice how NONE of these are alphabetized. Or organized. They just get shoved back on the shelf and are finished WAAAAAAAAAYYY later. And there's a fun little packet thingy on that bookshelf that I'm going to mention later.

Bookshelf 4:
These are all my kid books. A Princess Primer is still on there. And it is STILL the best book on the planet. (If you are a parent reading this right now, and you have a daughter, BUY HER THIS BOOK.)
And yes, I did put a heart around Percy Jackson's Gods. Anti-PJO people, deal with it.

Bookshelf 5:
The place where I put random stuff.
My bookshelf magically accumulates things. I'm not kidding.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

I'm Gonna Miss You Guys...But You Don't Have to Miss Me!

Well, it's nice to see you guys again, after my spread out vacation of mock state tests and watching Galavant on ABC. (Love that show! *This is my moment....*)
Anyway, this is probably my last post on this blog, book blogging. I'm gonna miss this job. Well, it's not really a job, but you get it.
But, (yes, there's a but) I am starting a new blog called (drum role):


The Awesome Mix of My Life (By all means, click on it!)
(Inspired by my favorite movie Guardians of the Galaxy)

This will give you sneak peeks into what Middle School's really like, from the perspective of me, your relatively normal stressed out middle school girl who blogs and writes and a whole bunch of other stuff.
The Awesome Mix of My Life is basically my online diary journal (I like journals better), but for you to read and *hopefully* I can teach you something about life. As much as I can. Maybe I'll teach you that some authors realistic fiction about middle school really isn't that realistic, or that mini cupcakes really aren't that mini...when you eat a lot of them.
I'll be packing some awesomesauce in there too, you won't loose the spontaneous awesomesauce fangirl in this blog. If anything, I'll be embracing my awesomesauce even more before.
I'd love for you to join me on this crazy adventure through school, life, and *a bit* of life drama. Hope you can jump on the bandwagon with me!

I won't be completely abandoning this blog, but this is my official last post, and I'm going to review and reveal my all time favorite book.
I first read this book in second grade, but it has a lot more meaning and heart than most books I had read. This is technical THROWBACK THURSDAY (I love these, especially when it's not Thursday).

Please welcome:
Riding Freedom

She wasn't destined to be like everyone else. She's survived so many fiascos that her doctor isn't surprised when she lives through the carriage crash killing her parents. Charlotte is sent off to an orphanage with only a leather rein tied around her wrist. Not any old orphanage, an all boys orphanage. Charlotte has to live in this orphanage working under the evil cook, her only freedom in the horse pasture with her friend Hay and Vern.
Once her best friend Hay is adopted, Charlotte can't take it anymore. She makes a decision that will change her and history...

**** (Four Stars)
This book is amazing. I'm jut going to go out there and say that. Here's what you're in store for:
-Plot Twists (sorry, but you know had to say that)
-Chucking the book at a wall
-Rooting for the characters, and wanting to slap some too
-Mostly accurate history facts
Ok, you guys know how I hate historical fiction, right? THIS book is historical fiction. And it is AWESOME! The only inaccuracies are the fact that they missed out on the opporunity to bring up Charlotte's two siblings, her sister that went to the orphanage with her, and the brother that died in two years of being alive. The parent's death is also inaccurate, Charlotte's mother died givingbirth to her and Charlotte has an unknown father. We also don't know if she went to a all boys orphanage.
Other than the historical innacuracies (the reason the review was brought down to a four), this book will please no matter what age. It's a pretty short read, the print is HUGE, but every page is worth it. This book has stayed with me since third grade, and it's pretty cool to have a book almost everyone can understand and get something out of it.

Anyway, I hope you guys have an awesome Super Bowl Sunday, filled with queso dip.
I'm going for Seattle.
*ducks behind tall person* Don't kill me, ok?
But I do have some Seattle fandom for those of you that are going for The Seahawks:

Who's going to go to the Super Bowl? (Pre Playoffs)
Aaron Rodgers: "Us!"
Sherman: "Really Now?"

No explanation needed.

But I do have a message to the people going for New England:

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Long Time No See...No Kidding plus Museum Tour Part One

It's been a while since I've pulled out the blog-awesomesauce...
Well, in that case...
HAPPY NEW YEAR! (A little late on that one, aren't I?)
Anyway, while you guys were partying and everything, or getting ready for an awesome party, or whatever you were doing, I was walking through the High Museum of Art, taking pics of anything I liked and that was Greek mythology related.

So, because of lack of books being read, I will give you a tour of one of my favorite art museums. And here we go:
(Snobby voice)
We shall start in the lobby, where you will find a large wall of plates and a sit on.
How is that considered art you ask? I have no flippin recollection of why they decided to put a LOG in an art museum.

Next on out tour, we venture into...random hallways with sculptures in them. Exciting, I know, right?
We have our Mythology sculprures spread across the museums in different levels and sections, seperated by the nationality of their creator. To save confusion of European and American and other creators, I will bring the Mythology stuff together.

Here you see a random person sleeping with a faun right under them. Don't try this at home kids, chances are, you'll end up being pick-pocketed and left with only that blanket the guy's covered with. Bad idea, bro. Bad idea.

To continue with the faun theme, we have a sleeping faun, which is when it IS a good idea to sleep, so hopefully, you won't walk out of the wilderness without money.

Speaking of fauns, we have their leader (technically,anyway)Bacchus/Dionysus! (Yay...) Look's relatively normal, right? Zoom in, and we see that Bacchus is seriously not wearing enough clothes, and he's drunk. One of the weirdest things I saw at the museum. And that says a lot.

In Bacchus' younger years, his hobbies included drinking, eating grapes, and taking the world's first selfie with grapes, with a tiny kids in his grasp...weird.

We'll continue with the Roman/Greek gods.
Here we have some of the most annoying rulers of the universe created in history. *ducks under table* Okay, no being blasted to bits. :)
On the left we have Hera/Juno and on the right we have Zeus/ Jupiter. I had to read the label to tell which was a girl, because both of them look like girls.

And then we have Neptune/Poseidon looking like he's going to twirl on top of his weird fountain thing...
It's like: "Bro, chill. You HAVE a fountain. I get it."

Is it just me or does Persephone need more clothes? Like seriously, COVER THAT UP!

Ok, I don't understand why Diana/Artemis is holding the deer's horns like that. And she's drawing an arrow. With no bow. Wait, I have an idea...use the deer for your bow. Just stay still little dear, I need to shoot your cousin. That's...pretty sick.

This is everyone's favorite annoying baby that shoots you in the butt, Eros/Cupid! We all know he's checking out some hot chick that doesn't want to date someone, and then he's like, "Bro, I'll help you out with that!" And then shoots someone in the butt. It would be pretty messed up if he were the host of the Bachelorette. I don't know, it might be worse with the Bachelor. We all know that girls can get ferocious...that would be hilarious. Eros should be hired.

And now to our last god, Medea. Don't mistake her for a famous African American lady, she'll probably kill you. :) You can find a similar statue on Rick Riordan's blog, but this is Atlanta style, so this is much more awesome.

And last, but not least, is the only hero in the whole entire museum that was portrayed, THESEUS! In both of these pictures, it shows a sculpture of Theseus fighting a mythical monster, a centaur (bottom) and a minotaur (top). Both of which, look kind of weird.

And THAT is only part one of our museum tour, hope you guys have an awesome week!