Sunday, June 15, 2014

Part 1 of the Heroes and Villains Blogging Chronicles

Now that we've visited Dead City, I think we should make a rather long stop at one of my favorite places for special kinds of people. Next to Camp Half Blood, Foxfire, and some creations of my own, The School for Good and Evil has me enchanted as all get out. They are actually two different schools, one for Good, and one for evil. In each school students get different training. Evil has co-ed classes like "Henchman Training" and "Curses and Death Traps". Good is separated by gender, boys having Sword Training (something I extremely envy) and girls having Animal Communication (a class I would fail miserably).

Just a heads up, for this week's summary, it's going to be different. First, I'll have the intro, then a description of three characters who take a big part in the book. That will be our summary. Then I'll put on part two, the review. Here we go!

There are no mistakes in this world. Although Sophie is convinced there is one when a shadow drops her off at the school for Evil. She's a princess, from her glittering green eyes to her flowing long hair. Her best friend Agatha, however, was dropped off at the school of Good, which is where she was supposed to go. When Sophie sets her eyes on her Prince, Tedros, the son of King Arthur, she knows she has to get over to the School of Good. And nothing will get in her way.
Tedros is waiting for someone to see past his looks. Every girl is practically drooling over him, begging to get his rose at the welcoming convention. The rose means you're dedicated to that person, that you like them. When his rose accidentally lands in a ugly pale girl's hand, he has to live with that mistake. Then he makes failed attempts at tests on the heart, just like his dad. That's the last thing he wants to do.
Agatha, the misfit of the school, is now back at base 1. Everyone hates her with her pale, anorexic ugliness. She thinks that the School For Evil is her home. She had lived in a graveyard for all of her life. Really all Agatha wants is to go back home with Sophie so they can forget about this crazy world, filled with walks and packing cucumbers. When desperate times call for desperate measures, Agatha steps up to help her friend, which is what only a Good person would do.
And that's it for today! We will have part two of The School For Good and Evil later this week containing the review!


  1. And another one that been on the TBR a rather long time. Think I need to set aside some days to catch up on some old to reads! Thanks for the reminder to get out there and get this one read.

    1. You're Welcome! We can never forget about the list!