Monday, October 27, 2014

The Word All Heroes of Olympus Fangirls Hate and The Best Excuse I Could Think Of

Ok, I know I'm a little late this week, but hey, it's the beginning of the week, and maybe you need some awesomesauce to make your week a lot awesomer. I also know that awesomer isn't a word, but once again, it's the beginning of the week. As you can see, that is my excuse for almost anything at this point.
Anyway, I'd like you to guess what the word is.
Ok, three ...'s and--
Long already!!!!


The word: BLOOD.
Blood of Olympus.
In case you haven't noticed, I'm done fangirling and chucking the last book of the Heroes of Olympus series at a wall. It took me three weeks to finish it, just for the sole thought of:
So I went through three weeks of this:

Since the beginning, heroes have been conquering the villains and returning back home victorious. Until now, that home has been Camp Half Blood. But now the Romans camp outside the camp, and on August 1st, they will attack Camp Half Blood and start a war between the Romans and Greeks. Each of them are to die out completely. What they don't know is that there is a hero to every villain. Nico and Reyna are destined to bring peace to the warring camps, the Athena Parthenos in tow.
I hope you didn't think that all the problems in the world were solved. Because they aren't.
On the other side of the Earth, the seven are fighting their way to Greece to kill the giants. The group of over ten feet tall creatures don't seem to give up. They throw every obstacle at them, including ones that hit close to home. And them surviving all boils down to one line of the prophecy:
To storm or fire the world must fall.

Most of you will be a bit mad with me. Or Rick Riordan. I prefer the second choice. Here's your score:
Three very freaked out me's. AKA, three stars (***).
Please, by all means, go ahead, chuck your copy of Blood of Olympus at a wall.
The beginning was great, filled with many Percy and Leo moments, which means we get many of the funny awkward moments. I'm referencing Annabeth flashing Leo. I think Percy's rubbing off on Annabeth or something. There are still many many humorous moments, that will send you laughing extremely loud, and then your teacher and peers will give you the, "You have problems." look in the middle of a lecture about the Great Depression. The book is filled with many action and lovey dovey scenes, that don't disappoint.
What did disappoint me was the lack of emotions in his writing. There were multiple scenes that were meant to be heartfelt moments in memory of others, but it didn't get to the readers well. When Reyna was named Horse Friend, I got no feels. I want feels Mr. Riordan! Or when they were fighting, they were like: "For Leo." and that was it. I got more feels when Reyna and Annabeth were having a smart off. No feels there.
Another thing bothered me a bit. There were only perspectives from Leo, Piper, Jason, Nico, and Reyna. No Percy or Annabeth! I'm sad. Very sad. One more thing. (Yes, one more thing guys. Bear with me, ok?) The ending. If you remember the ending to the Last Olympian, the last book of The Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, we figured out that Riordan stunk at endings. Sure, the endings to the books in the middle of the series where awesome, especially The Sea of Monsters, but endings of series are awful.
Here's the ending of the Last Olympian:
"She took off down Half Blood Hill, and I sprinted after her. For once, I didn't look back."
I was very sad, and I promptly rushed to the computer so I could buy Heroes of Olympus.
But it gets worse. Here's Blood of Olympus (There's a bit of a spoiler, so if you don't want to read it, just scroll down a bit):
"The bronze dragon spread his wings, and they soared into the unknown."
I thought there was another chapter. I ended up reading the glossary.
I now know what Acropolis means.
I'm not satisfied with the definition. Or the ending for that matter.
But it was good book in the end (not the literal end of course), and I enjoyed it.
Hope you guys have a great week, and get through it, even though a good percentage of us are just using a certain excuse about it being the beginning of the week to brush off the bad parts of your day.
Shake it off, Taylor Swift.


    but that's true, Rick CANNOT do endings, and it would've been nice to have some Percy and Annabeth POV just because, you know, it's the LAST BOOK of *PERCY JACKSON* I mean I would've liked a little bit from the original characters...
    But I'll always love the PJO series. ^_^
    Love your blog btw! :)


    1. Yeah, I nearly died when I flipped through the book and found out that PERCY AND ANNABETH didn't have POV's.

      Thanks Kelsey! I appreciate it!