Sunday, November 23, 2014

Nerd Time...

We've all had those nerd moments. You can't deny it. A couple of days ago I was playing Bloons Tower Defense 5 (five is WAY better than 4 *cough* nerd moment *cough*) and the whole entire time it was like:

Friend 2: "Oh yeah? I have seven ninja monkeys. You have six."
Me: "Boys, boys, calm down. I have Plasma AND EIGHT ninja monkeys."
[Friend one and friend two roll over to my computer.]
Me: "Watch and learn."

Pretty nerdy week.
Anyway, I have brought a book to you that isn't as nerdy as my BTD week, but it's nerdy to some degree.

Some kids wait for their letter from Hogwarts. Some are seeking out their friend and trying to figure out if they are a can eating satyr from Camp Half Blood. Others are waiting for their letter from Master George. And then some want to be like Tick. Tick is supposed to be any normal kid. That's how it turns out most of the time anyway. But, of course, (you guessed it) he's not. Tick gets a letter from the mysterious M.G., a person trying to secure Tick's loyalty to him. But when you just randomly receive a letter from someone saying that they want to recruit you to work for them to complete dangerous missions, things don't always turn out well.
Welcome to The Thirteenth Reality.

*** Three Stars

This book was amazing for the most part. It was adventurous, funny, and straight up geek awesomesauce. You get to learn a bit about Quantum Physics, described in the book as the theory that there are multiple realities. Which leads to Atticus' (Tick) discovery of the 13 realities. He has to travel through these realities with his two friends to try and stop Mistress Jane from being powerful.
The Journal of Curious Letters is filled with riddles, that I race to figure out before the characters do. It's fun, and I'm usually surprised by the outcomes, which doesn't happen in other books. The characters are portrayed as smart, and if they weren't they wouldn't be in their situation. I did have some problems with the characters though. They aren't as well developed as I wish they could be. They are mostly based off of stereotypes like geek for Tick, chill surfer dude for Paul, and tough chick for Sofia.The 13th Reality was awesome, but it definitely isn't as good as the books to come in the series.

That's it for this week! Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I've got to have this one. Any story with riddles has me hooked. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Stories with riddles! cool! Now I'll have to look for it.