Sunday, July 17, 2016

Steve Carell on Girdles. (JK)

Hello, peoples!
This week was very crazy. I got three books in this week only, all of which were hardback. So that's around $60 I blew just on books. And I went school supply shopping today.
Yes folks, it is around that time of year again.
I agree, Steve Carell, I agree.
I did a back to school book recommendation post two years ago around this time of the year.
So as I did in July of 2014, I shall do again in July of 2016.
This is the book every girl needs to read before going into Middle School:
In case you haven't arleady heard about this book, it was published in 1953, written by Betty Cornell, a model from the fifties. This book was revived after Maya Van Wagenen wrote her book, Popular. Popular is the story of a girl who followed the directions of Betty Cornell's Teen-Age Popularity Guide to a T. So I was at an airport last summer and I had a lot of time to kill, so OBVIOUSLY I ran to the nearest book store (conveniently located in the airport) like so:

And I started perusing. Like always.
I found Popular and started flipping through it, and it had an except from Betty Cornell.
No lie, this book literally says:
"...I am firmly of the opinion that almost every teen needs a girdle..."
(This book was a joke to me before it changed my life. Seriously.)
And that was the moment I decided to read Betty Cornell's Teen-Age Popularity Guide.
Betty Cornell covers subjects from Diet to Personality (which are the first and last chapters, actually) and she gives crucial and wise advice on everything. Whether you want it or not. Mrs.Cornell gets straight to the point with her advice, while making sure her book isn't dry and boring. And making sure she is using proper English, which is one of the humorus aspects to the book. Betty Cornell will be telling you about the fact that PDA is innapropriate, but she'll be very straight forward and polite about it. "No one wants to go to a diner and eat a hamburger seasoned with the simpering going-ons of two moonstrucks youths."
This really was a great read.
Five Stars
So, I said earlier that this book changed my life in a way (yes, I do realize I'm going completely out of order.)
But I'm not really exaggerating when I say that. My life was different after following this book's instructions. I didn't follow it all the way, but the results were still incredible. (I didn't follow it all the way because I like food too much to diet, and I am definetly NOT going to wear a girdle.)

So before Betty Cornell, I was the new girl at my middle school, and I knew about five people. Two of those people liked me. So....
But this was the first time I had been the new kid, so I had no idea what I was doing. Which is ALWAYS just great when you're one person with two friends in a school as large as mine. And I was very guarded about it.  I didn't really WANT to make friends. I also got bullied a bit for my lack of friends and style.
I got through the year, somehow--with my two friends--and I decided that something needed to change. Enter me finding Popular at an airport bookstore, then buying Betty Cornell on Amazon (you can find it here). I read it through all the way, and decided that this was going to help me change my situation at school.
I was a little wary about the idea of makeup, because I was scared I was going to end up like this:
But I didn't!
So the school year after, I was a lot more confident, and my clothes were more than running shorts and junky t-shirts (even though there is nothing wrong with running shorts and junky t-shirts...). I had more friends than two, and I was a nicer and happier person too. And as promised on the front of the book, I am somewhat popular.
I know we kind of took a turn away from a book review, but my experience with and after this book is why I so highly recommend it.
If you are a teen girl reading this, you should read it, and if you are a parent with a teen daughter reading this, you should recommend this book for your daughter to read. Not every bit of advice is relevant to the 21st century, but the overall advice is helpful.
I'm going to write a post on my second blog, The Awesome Mix of My Life, about back to school tips (specifically for rising 6th graders). I'll tell you guys when it's up.
Have a great week!

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