Sunday, October 16, 2016


The person that sits next to me in Science saw me reading this book and thought that the title was "The Beast Man." And not like beast as in monster, but as in being really good at something like:
But it was a Monday. We were all tired.
As am I right now, writing this post. Yes, I know it's been a while. I'm drowning in homework and I'm lacking sleep...

But I'm here!!!!!!

That's what matters right???

Anyway, here is the book I was talking about:
The Best Man by Richard Peck
Year of Publishing: 2016
Publishing House: Penguin Random House
Genre: Realistic Fiction, Comedy
Age: Children's Middle Grade
Short/Long Read: Short Read (I read this in less than a week.)
Rating Out Of Five: **** (Four Stars)

This is basically the journey of a kid through his life up to sixth grade, including two weddings.
And it's hilarious.
Exhibit A:
"'You saved my butt.' I still tell her.
'Actually, I didn't,' Lynnette says. 'Your six year old butt is still on YouTube'"
Favorite quote from the book by far.
This book is funny, sentimental (I mean, there are two weddings in it, how could it not be?), it captures the odd people that you are most likely to find when you go to Elementary/Middle School, and it gives you all the warm and fuzzies. I absolutely love all the characters, especially Mr.McLeod and Uncle Paul.
Side note:
Do you pronounce McLeod like Mc-Cloud or Mc-Lee-owed? I think it's the latter, but my mom says different.
All name pronunciations aside, you're probably wondering why it didn't get five stars:
  • There were a lot of reused lines that I sometimes didn't understand. Ex: "[Insert character name here] was there." And this wasn't location. I'm pretty sure that that means you have your stuff together, but I'm not 100% positive. I like one or two reused lines every now and then, but over that is too much, and this book used too much.
  • There were gaps in the story. There were parts of the book where it said "I don't remember [specific detail]." I guess Richard Peck was trying to keep things realistic with memory. I mean, the amount of events recalled from when the main character was five/six is already remarkable, and I assume that Mr.Peck was trying to make the character more like an actual person. But when you're writing a book that tells someone's life story, I want all the details. Saying that your character doesn't remember a part of the story looks sloppy and makes you look like you just don't want to give the effort to fill in those blanks.
And that's all my complaints about the book.
But if you're looking for a quick, light-hearted book after reading a heavy book (*COUGH* BLOOD OF OLYMPUS *COUGH*), this is the way to go.

So here's some news and fun stuff:
  • I tried a new format this week because I have the attention span of a ferret (that's what my band teacher always says about herself...I've kind of adopted that quote...) and I'm sure there are people like me out there. XD I'm 100% positive there are. And it's a lot easier to write, and I'm making sure I don't miss anything. Do you like it more? Which format should I use? Really long/story telling format or straightforward one??? Please comment and let me know. :)
  • That short film I mentioned in my review of Frankenstein, yeah, it's getting pretty close to filming!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!! I'll give you guys more details about it soon.
Anyway, that's about it!
Have a great week!!!!


  1. I saw this in a bookstore recently and thought it looked good. I've enjoyed some of Peck's other books. Thanks for the review--I'll be definitely checking this one out!

  2. I think I might take a chance on this. Richard Peck is a terrific writer. Thanks for your review.