Sunday, May 21, 2017


(Fancy Font, I Know...XD)
It's been since October of last year...
So here's some updates for you guys:

  • I'm going to actually try to update this blog. Homework is starting to slow down a little bit because all the big tests are going to be over in a couple weeks, so I'll be able to blog some more.
  • However, (brace yourself for some sad news) I won't be using The Awesome Mix of My Life anymore. This isn't the end of my personal blog posts, I'll just be putting them on here, so it's easier to keep up with.
  • I have some big projects going on right now. Aka:
    • FINISHING MIDDLE SCHOOL! that's right...XD
  • So this means that I might be super busy lately, so what I said about blogging more above **MIGHT** be a lie.
  • HOWEVER, I actually have books to review. I have a list.
  • In addition to this blog, MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL IS UP!!! WOOT WOOT! So whenever I post a video, I'll post it here for everybody. So here's my first video, a short film called Scripted. Hope you enjoy!

Expect a book review pretty soon. I will most likely be rejoining Shannon Messenger's MMGM Squad.
Which is an awesome squad, by the way. If you have a book blog, you should totally join it! It's east and free!
**Disclaimer: This message is not sponsored...Because well, no one really knows this blog exists so who would sponsor it? >.<**

Have a great day and weekend!
Summer's almost here! You can do it!✌

(Check out this week's MMGM post below.)

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